Started in 2015 by M. tech. Green technologist (UDCT) with the goal of improving the health of Mumbai and its residents through an efficient sub-urbanised waste management system with composting and recycling at its forefront.


Sanjeevani S3 helped me manage my restaurant waste in a smart and simple way!! It was on their suggestion that I have also installed a biogas plant for managing my wet waste

Sudhakar Shetty, Surbhi Hotel

Sanjeevani S3 is a young motivated & energetic group of UDCT post graduate green technologists & environmental graduates who are driving their vision of SWM across Mumbai & have also been invited out of Mumbai by Banares & Kanpur municipal officials. Their vision of converting waste to energy forms across the country is increasingly being accepted as well as encouraged. They deserve to be patronised & encouraged as a pedigreed & knowledgable group.

Bhushan Raj, Secretary, Viceroy Park

Sanjeevani S3 has helped me to manage my own waste in the best possible way and best possible budget. I thank them for the sincerity and hard work.

Punit Sadh, The Food Company

Sanjeevani S3 is a unique company with a dynamic team trying to recycle and manage waste in an efficient manner. It is evident that they have brought about some radical changes in the system and will continue to be pathbreaking leaders in their field.

Vimisha Dharmadasani, Research fellow, Harvard school of engineering and applied science.

Environmentally conscious living is the need of the hour. Keep up the good work

Soham D'Souza, NITIE

Awesome work!
The world really needs such projects and companies for its better future!!

Akshay Poojari, Co-Founder, LMR Experts
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