We have experts in the field

  • A) Composting/vermicomposting

  • B) UNFCCC certified climate councilors

  • C) GRI certified sustainability reporter.

The system works on a three steps.

  • A) Sensitization and Awareness Program (Certificate courses available)

  • B) Segregation at source

  • C) Collection of recyclables and Composting of organic waste

Archeological evidence suggests that prehistoric humans had a way of managing their waste. In the course of history as mankind grew, waste regulations were enacted. This suggests that waste management is not a modern principle but is in fact a part of life.

Humans have the natural response to keep their surroundings clean. However, along with global industrialization and population explosion, waste production blew out of proportion, endangering the environment and threatening our very existence. With new environmental issues coming to
light, the focus on waste management has never been greater.

Education and awareness campaigns play a great role in raising consciousness. Not all people are aware that their old glasses and mobile phones waste constitute a great threat to the environment.

Clearly, more appropriate and sustainable approaches to waste need to be adopted. To be sustainable we need to move the emphasis toward a system that is local, community based, makes use of low tech / low energy systems and is focused on waste minimisation. This is an approach which we at ‘Sanjeevani S3’ advocate.

  • Solid waste management of all the Hotels/Restaurants at kandivali R-south ward under (AHAR) Association of Hotel And Restaurant, Mumbai.
  • SWM of BMC- Gardens/Chowky at R-South ward.
  • Certificate Course on Waste recycling and Composting at Kes’ KES’ B. K. SHROFF COLLEGE OF ARTS & M. H. SHROFF COLLEGE OF COMMERCE.

  • Malad site, opposite valnai Gaon; Near Mitchowky.
  • Working in association with Kandivali BMC R-south ward ; Engineer of SWM, Mr.Manjrekar; at various location for awareness and workshop; Whispering Palms, Sierra Towers etc to name a few.


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